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No matter how you keep improving as a person, certain aspects of your body peak in your 20s — and, despite your efforts and desires, the aging process continues. You don’t have to accept it, however, and there are many, many treatment options to counteract the toll that time takes on your skin.

You’ve got an ally from perhaps an unlikely source. Radio waves may not be the first thing you think of to refresh your skin, but radiofrequency energy can be harnessed and focused to treat some of the common skin conditions associated with aging. The Pelleve® wrinkle reduction system works without invasive techniques or surgery.

Why skin ages

Some aspects of aging are programmed into your cells, and it’s often difficult to overcome the effects of heredity. Though the timetable may differ between people, all skin becomes more slack eventually due to the loss of collagen and elastin tissue. These are key components of your skin’s middle layer. When the dermis — this middle layer — thins, your skin becomes more fragile and noticeably thinner and more transparent.

Some lifestyle factors also contribute to the aging process. Smoking and sun exposure are two examples, but there are other factors, such as stress, obesity, and having an expressive face. The effects of aging generally don’t appear for one single reason.

The visible signs of time

Loss of tissue in the dermis undermines support for your visible skin. Because it’s no longer as elastic as it once was, it can fall into voids in the dermis, resulting in lines and wrinkles. A face-lift is the surgical remedy to this problem, cutting and stretching your skin to, essentially, pull the skin artificially taut.

The problem with a face-lift is that it works best when wrinkle problems have advanced beyond a certain point. Yet lines and wrinkles develop over years, and it’s usually some time before most women would consider the expense and recovery time of a surgical solution.

The Pelleve system

Radio waves are all around us. As you know from listening to broadcasts, these waves can pass through walls and they can be tuned to precise frequencies. When applied to your skin via the Pelleve system, the radiofrequency passes through your outer skin to be absorbed by the dermis. When this energy is absorbed, dermis tissue warms up. As it does, your body begins to send signals to replace the current collagen and elastin tissue.

Pelleve jump-starts a natural regeneration process of which your body is capable but that it won’t start spontaneously. The treatment is comfortable, and there’s no recovery time needed. You can go right back to your normal activities after a Pelleve session — another reason Pelleve is such a popular choice. The collagen and elastin regeneration process then proceeds over the next few weeks, delivering naturally vibrant and healthy improvements with reduced appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Dr. Winnie King and her team can customize the Pelleve treatment system to match your wrinkle-reduction needs. Call the appointment line at either of our offices to schedule your initial consultation. A smooth and wrinkle-reduced face awaits you.

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