For many adults, it’s a struggle to lose weight and keep it off with diet and exercise alone. At Winnie King, MD Aesthetics and Wellness in Houston, Texas, Dr. King is an experienced physician who provides effective weight loss treatments for long-lasting results. Dr. King tailors her medically supervised weight loss programs, including the hCG diet and Lipo-B injections, to your specific needs to help you achieve your desired goals. Call for an appointment or request one using the online system to start your weight loss journey today.

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If you’ve tried diet and exercise with some success, but can’t seem to meet your weight loss goals, you may benefit from a medical weight loss program. Additionally, if you have a lot of weight to lose, but you don’t know where or how to begin, Dr. King and the team at her aesthetics and wellness practice can help you get started. They customize a weight loss program that works with your lifestyle and health concerns.

Before you embark on a weight loss program under Dr. King’s supervision, you begin with an overall health evaluation that includes a physical exam, comprehensive lab tests, and body analysis. Based on her evaluation, Dr. King creates a customized plan for you that includes:

  • hCG shots
  • Lipo-B injections
  • A prescription for an appetite suppressant
  • Specific diet instructions
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Body contouring sessions
  • Weekly weigh-ins

Dr. King and her team offer this comprehensive approach because of its rapid results. They offer additional support through a transitional program that helps you adopt a healthy eating style so you can maintain your weight loss efforts for the long term.

What are hCG shots?

The hCG diet is based on the hormone hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin. This is the hormone women’s bodies make naturally during pregnancy that signals your body to release stored fat into your bloodstream. When Dr. King administers your customized hCG shot, it reduces your feelings of hunger, and can help you stick to a lower-calorie diet than you’re used to eating.

The hCG shots also help to keep you from losing muscle tone as you lose weight. Instead, they promote fat loss so you become leaner and smaller, but with more muscle. Your muscle is important for keeping your metabolism strong and helps you maintain your desired weight in the long run.

What are Lipo-B injections?

Lipo-B injections are lipotropic injections containing a high level of vitamin B-12. Lipotropic injections help release fat from cells in your body, particularly in areas of fatty deposits. Vitamin B-12 helps accelerate your metabolism while giving you a boost of energy. A Lipo-B injection also does the following:

  • Helps detoxify your body
  • Increases red blood cell production
  • Helps maintain a healthy liver
  • Helps regulate mood and sleep
  • Helps regulate appetite
  • Works with other nutrients to improve your overall health and well-being

Some medical experts credit Lipo-B injections with slowing down the aging process.

How safe are medical weight loss programs like the hCG diet?

Under the supervision of an experienced physician like Dr. King, the weight loss programs she recommends, including the hCG diet, are safe and effective. She partners with you each step of the way and monitors your health during your weight loss journey. Dr. King customizes your treatments so you feel energized and healthy while you’re losing weight and learning to make healthy food choices.

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