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If weight-loss is destined to top your New Year’s resolutions list again in January, do it differently this time with the medically-supervised HCG Weight Loss program.

Diets are most often unsuccessful because they leave you hungry, tired, and craving all of the wrong foods. Dr. Winnie King offers a better way with the HCG Weight Loss program. Key to its success is the use a man-made hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This diet plan uses HCG to boost your metabolism and increase your weight loss. Some people lose up to 1-2 pounds each day with this program.

What’s more, you shouldn’t feel miserable when going through this process. In fact, you might even feel great. Before we discuss the benefits of the HCG program on your overall well-being, let’s cover the basics of HCG and how it works.

How does HCG work?

It’s important you know that HCG injections alone won’t make you lose weight. You lose weight because along with the HCG, you’ll be on a diet that restricts calories. However, the HCG changes how you lose weight.

HCG helps the body produce more of the hormones that researchers think keep us slimmer and help us lose more fat than muscle. So with a better hormone balance, your body will work differently to lose the weight.

HCG injections, along with a well-balanced diet and an exercise plan, will help you meet your weight loss goals. Here are a few of the other benefits you might notice while on the HCG medical weight loss program.

Increased energy

As with any new dietary habits, when you first start the HCG medical weight loss program, you might notice a slight increase in tiredness. But after a week or so, you should see a boost in your overall energy levels. As your body adjusts to the new diet, it will begin to burn the energy you consume through food instead of storing it as fat. This can help you feel energetic, sharp, and invigorated all day.

Better sleep

While you sleep, your body doesn’t shut down. It’s still working to process the calories you consumed during the day. Decreasing your caloric intake allows your body to convert fat stores into energy while you sleep. This might give you a deeper and more restful sleep at night compared to other diets you’ve tried in the past.

Fewer cravings and less irritability

Many people believe diets are synonymous with cravings and crankiness.

However, with HCG you will notice a decrease in sugar cravings and other food addictions. Instead of craving junk food, you’ll be satisfied with nutritious options.

If you’re ready to try a new weight loss plan that can help you sleep, provide extra energy, and decrease your cravings, call Dr. King’s Shenandoah, Texas office today or book a consultation online. We’re ready to help you live your best life at your ideal weight.

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