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As the years go by, it’s a natural rite of passage to lament the loss of youthful skin tone. The first spot, wrinkle, or blemish represents the start of a downturn for your complexion. It seems inevitable.

Yet, you know your body can manufacture new skin. You see this every time a cut or scrape heals. In fact, many cosmetic procedures seek to stimulate the regrowth of skin for precisely that reason, particularly the middle layer called the dermis, which supports your surface skin.

Winnie King, MD Aesthetics and Wellness in Houston offers Aerolase® Neo to patients seeking to improve their complexions. A non-invasive, light-based therapy, Aerolase works through the surface to activate the regenerating properties of your skin, reducing the appearance of a wide range of skin flaws.

Common complexion flaws

As you get older, the production of collagen in your body declines. It’s a normal facet of aging, but it’s not a welcome one. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, and its matrix in the middle layer of your skin holds some of the keys to youthful appearance.

Collagen loss means less moisture supplied to your skin’s surface. Voids begin to appear, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. Sunspots and other pigment problems collect and show through your surface skin. Rosacea and spider veins create an uneven ruddiness to your skin, and acne can continue to wreak havoc well beyond your teen years.

Aerolase can address each of these issues, activating your skin’s regenerative healing mode, inducing the production of fresh collagen without damaging the skin’s outer surface.

The Aerolase system

Cosmetic lasers like Aerolase use light energy that passes through your skin’s surface where it’s absorbed by collagen in the dermis. Just like a dark shirt on a sunny day, light energy warms the collagen tissue.

Collagen is much more sensitive to temperature variations than your outer skin, so even the gentle and moderate warming of Aerolase is enough to signal the body that treated collagen has reached the coagulation point and must be replaced.

This is the same process triggered by chemical peels and dermabrasions, though these treatments destroy the outer skin layers too, leading to long recovery times. Aerolase causes no surface damage, so you can continue your day without downtime after an appointment.

In the weeks following your treatment, your body removes old collagen and replaces it with new tissue. Many of the skin problems that prematurely age your appearance are visibly reduced. Lines and wrinkles due to collagen voids fill in. Clumps of pigment and discoloring factors like spider veins break down and flush from your system with the collagen that surrounds them.

A 30-minute treatment with Aerolase can stop excess sebum production while also killing the bacteria that cause acne. New collagen can fill in the pitted scars left behind by earlier acne outbreaks.

While many cosmetic laser systems treat your skin in a similar way, Aerolase has features that make it effective on a wide range of skin types while some other systems work best only on a few.

Is Aerolase right for you? Speak with Dr. King and her team to find out more. You can schedule a consultation by phone or online. Book your session today.

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