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One thing that people never seem to mention about weight loss is that you may not shed pounds the way you intended. It can be extremely frustrating to see the pounds melt away from your arms and lower legs while your belly and thigh fat remain stubbornly in place. You may ask yourself: Was all of the dieting and exercise really worth it?

While you might be tempted to give up, there is another option. These stubborn pockets of fat can actually be eliminated through a little medical intervention. With sculpting systems like BTL’s Emsculpt® body contouring device, you can finish off your weight loss journey and achieve the amazing results for which you’ve worked so hard.

Want to see if Emsculpt body contouring could make a difference for you? Come visit the team at Winnie King, MD Aesthetics and Wellness. Dr. King practices a patient-focused approach to health, wellness, and anti-aging therapies. She is a board-certified physician with more than 25 years of experience in health care — and she’ll make sure your weight loss journey is both successful and healthy.

Find out more about Emsculpt body contouring below, including how it works and the results you might expect.

Not all fat is created equally

The term “stubborn fat” is more than something marketers just use to sell products. Some fat cells really are more resistant to diet and exercise.

On a basic level, your fat cells have two types of receptors: alpha and beta. Alpha receptors tell your cells to save fat for later use, while beta receptors tell your cells to break down fat to use now. If a certain cell has more alpha receptors, it will hold on fat through diet and exercise; if a cell has more beta receptors, it’s more likely to break down fat with improved habits.

How fat cells impact certain areas of the body more

If you’re lucky, your beta-heavy cells will be located in common problem areas: the stomach and lower back for men and the butt, hips, and thighs for women. This may not be the case for you, however, and there really isn’t anything you can do about it. Genetics, hormone levels, and lifestyle factors all play a role in where stubborn fat is located.

Emsculpt body contouring to the rescue

Emsculpt may be the first “quick fix” weight and fat loss tool that lives up to the title. This FDA-approved contouring system uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to trigger supramaximal contractions. These high-tension contractions exceed the amount of tension your muscles can exert and hold during a normal workout.

During a session, the Emsculpt machine will stimulate over 20,000 contractions, far more than you could ever accomplish with even the most intense workout available. The contractions do two things. They strengthen and tone your muscles, making them stronger. The rapid contractions also spur your muscles to release chemicals that burn fat. The end result is less fat covering more toned muscles and a greatly improved appearance.


Emsculpt can be used on the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and thighs to remove stubborn pockets of fat. Emsculpt-sponsored studies have produced outstanding results:


As a reminder, Emsculpt is not a weight loss device or a replacement for exercise. It works best for patients who have already lost weight or are currently eating a good diet and exercising on a regular basis.

Emsculpt could be the device that helps you finally get rid of stubborn body fat and complete your weight loss journey. Winnie King, MD Aesthetics and Wellness is ready to help you get the results you desire. Call or send a message to either our Shenandoah or Houston office today.

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