Cellulite, also known as orange-peel skin, affects 80-90% of women at some point in their lives. If you’re bothered by dimpled skin, Winnie King, MD Aesthetics and Wellness in Houston, Texas, offers effective cellulite treatments using the most advanced laser and shockwave technology available today. Dr. King is a highly experienced physician and aesthetic and wellness specialist, offering her patients the highest standard of safe, effective treatments. Get visibly noticeable results, including a reduced appearance of cellulite and firmer, toned skin. Call for an appointment or schedule online.

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Cellulite is the result of lumps and dimples that form under the surface of your skin. It looks like an orange peel or cottage cheese because of its rough texture. The exact cause of cellulite is unclear, but it affects more women than men.

Medical professionals believe one cause of cellulite is a problem that occurs with connective tissue and fat just below the surface of your skin. When fat cells protrude beyond the connective tissue, your skin appears dimpled and uneven with cellulite bumps. Women typically develop cellulite around their hips, thighs, and buttocks, but it can appear anywhere.

Your hormones and the aging process may also play a role in when and where you develop cellulite. Genetics, diet, and lifestyle also contribute to the formation of cellulite over the course of your lifetime.

What can I do to get rid of cellulite?

Dr. King offers women in the Houston area and surrounding communities several options for minimizing the appearance of cellulite, including:

– Smartlipo minimally invasive, laser-assisted liposuction
– Zimmer ZWave shockwave noninvasive treatments

Each of these procedures is safe and effective at reducing the appearance of cellulite and helping your skin appear smoother and firmer after just a single to a few treatments.

How does the treatment minimize cellulite?

This minimally invasive procedure attacks the structure of cellulite beneath your skin’s surface. With just a single treatment session, a small amount of discomfort, and very little downtime, our technique delivers lasting results.

During the procedure, Dr. King inserts a small cannula (tiny tube) under your skin to allow the laser energy to penetrate the cellulite and liquefy fat cells. The treatment increases the thickness of your skin in the targeted area while simultaneously releasing the fibrous bands that pull it down. This makes the orange peel look of your skin appear smoother.

The laser also stimulates collagen production so your skin becomes more elastic over time. The treatment presses out the liquefied fat, and as you heal in the next couple of weeks, you continue to see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your skin where cellulite used to be.

Smartlipo, also by CynoSure, works in a similar way. ZWave offers a completely noninvasive cellulite treatment. Dr. King can help you decide which therapy is right for you and your lifestyle.

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